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Tuesday, August 24

Wellness at Work: Toning Tuesday

Have you always wanted to try pilates? Join Dr. Weber for 45 minutes of exercise before your first meeting.

Virtual Event
All College Week | COP: Transforming Teaching: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Community of Practice

Interested in learning about how to incorporate Problem-Based Learning? Intrigued by the desire to teach more equitably? Hankering to join a bunch of excited...

Virtual Event
Assessment Test: ESL (English as a Second Language)

New students will learn about the ESL program, complete an intake survey, and use the ESL online guided placement tool to choose their best level. *Please...

All College Week | COP: Cognitive Coaching Training

What is cognitive coaching? How can implementing the cognitive coaching model improve and enrich your interactions with those you are mentoring? By joining...

Virtual Event

Tuesday, August 24