Thursday, May 16

Career Coffee Talk

Join Maryam Fard, Division Counselor of Professional Studies, for coffee and support on achieving your graduation, transfer, and career goals.

Financial Aid Workshop

Please RSVP with the Financial Aid Office by email: Wednesday, February 20 workshop takes place in Fox 104 Saturday, April 27 workshop...

UC San Diego Individual Appointments

A representative from UC San Diego will be available to answer questions about transfer. Contact the Counseling Center to schedule an appointment at...

UC San Diego Next Steps Presentation

A representative from UC Santa Cruz will provide a presentation about transferring.

Improv Show

Theater 26A: Improvisation has been learning different forms of improv this semester and they want to share their favorite games and styles with you. At this...

Sound Refraction Concert

Featuring the West Valley College Symphonic Band with conductor Troy Davis. Refraction is the change of direction of a wave as it passes from one medium to...

Symphonic Band Concert

A tribute to Alfred Reed, featuring the West Valley College Symphonic Band and Conductor Troy Davis, along with special guests the Santa Clara High School...

Thursday, May 16