Tuesday, April 16

Screening: I Am Still Here

Free screening of "I Am Still Here"

Be The Boss Workshop: Take Control of Your Future through Business Ownership

In corporate life, career advancement and dependability always depends on others, and almost never depends on performance. What if you could control your own...

West Valley vs. Cabrillo

Softball on Apr 16, 2019 at 3:00 PM: West Valley vs. Cabrillo

On-To-College Orientation Workshops for High School Students with Disabilities

Participants with learn about: Applying to West Valley College/DESPDESP services and classes » West Valley College classes and programsAA/AS/ADT degree,...

Crochet Coral Reef Workshop

Crochet workshop organized by Heidi Brueckner. The Crochet Coral Reef project resides at the intersection of mathematics, marine biology, handicraft and...

Parent/Senior Info Night

Many of our support programs, including Transfer, DESP, EOPS, TRiO, CTE, and Honors will be available for tabling starting 6:30 PM, while the main event...

Tuesday, April 16